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DevOps: How can we improve value streams?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Value stream mapping is a lean management method for improving the flow of value from idea to production. It offers insight into the efficiency of an organisation and can help to identify bottlenecks and improve value flow. The primary goal is to eliminate any waste.

But how does this kind of process work? In our guide, we will show you how to get it going in seven steps.

Value stream mapping is an outstanding technique for gaining a clear view of the value creation in a company, project or product and a tool for ongoing improvement – evolution rather than revolution.

For proper value stream mapping, you will need to put aside about one working day. Using the list of measures, you can start working on improvements to achieve your desired value stream.

Seven steps to value stream mapping

  1. Identifying the process steps

  2. Finding the right people

  3. Focused measures

  4. Data analysis

  5. Creating a new target value stream map

  6. Defining specific measures

  7. Repeat

You can find details and examples on how to execute these process steps in our guide.

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