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DevOps Top Trends and Emerging Technologies to Watch

Updated: Feb 19, 2023

DevOps trends 2023

We quickly review my projections for 2021 and 2022 before moving on to the difficulties businesses are already facing. Due to silo organizations, there is almost no coordination between the various organizational divisions, and businesses continue to plan annual projects rather than products. Hence, businesses must adopt some DevOps methods or trends. DevOps is a mindset, culture with technical practices that align all people across the value stream to continuously deliver value to the customer. The top DevOps trends for 2023 include building products, running the product, ensuring product quality, monitoring the product, organizing across the value stream, enabling DevOps in product teams, and industrializing the whole product development.

​DevOps Trends 2022

We discuss the top DevOps trends for 2022 using the technology adaption lifecycle. The late majority will continue DevOps adoption and focus on continuous integration, monitoring, logging, infrastructure as code, containerization, orchestration, and cloud. In the early majority, DevSecOps is a huge topic due to the increased number of cyber-attacks. Observability, GitOps, enterprise continuous delivery pipelines, FinOps, and continuous testing are also hot topics. Early adapters are investing in AIOps.

​DevOps Trends 2021

We discuss the top DevOps trends for 2021. These include a strong adoption of DevOps and agile transformation, a shift towards DevSecOps for security, a focus on continuous delivery pipelines and cloud computing, and the emergence of AIOps as a young but promising area for automation using AI and machine learning.


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