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What is SAFe® for DevOps Course?

The SAFe® for DevOps training is an assessment or a workshop that is ideally suited for teams. Why? Because the focus is on driving the value stream of these teams. Addressing questions, challenges, and any potential obstacles — we can work on the training to provide value to them. We will give them the theory input of what exactly DevOps is.

Value addition is that we will also touch upon SAFe® for DevOps for health radar so that they are equipped to assess themselves in different disciplines of DevOps, followed by value stream mapping to chart out the steps needed to bring an idea into production. This is the current value stream and with this, we will derive the future value stream. With the future value stream, we will create a set of action items that are prioritized. The team will leave this course with their current value stream, future value stream, assessment and the clear set of action items which they can directly work on after the course.

What one can learn from this course:

● What is DevOps and its importance in companies today?

● The importance of continuous testing

● What exactly is continuous security?

● Map your current value stream and the future value stream

● Measure flow of ideas through the delivery pipeline

● Identify bottlenecks and derive future value stream

● Understand DevOps for health radar

● Improve continuous exploration, continuous integration, continuous deployment and release on demand

● Use the action plan for teams to directly use to work after the course


What if we are only one team and not an Agile Release Train (ART)

This is not a problem, you can come as a single team. It is not solely resting upon a scaled agile framework, some terms may pop up but we will always explain it for maximum understanding.

After this course, you will be directly be equipped to work on your continuous delivery pipeline and improve it with your team.

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